In which segment of the game is Polocrosse won?  The line up? Many believe it’s this. By all means, practice line ups and try to be the quickest in the line up, but you aren’t awarded a goal for catching it out of the line up. In fact, at top level Polocrosse (just like the sport of basketball) each team shares an equal bounce of the ball and gets it out of the line up. A lot happens between the line up and scoring a goal.

You might say, it’s the one scoring the actual goal. Correct, you need to do that, but the sport makes it pretty easy on the one in the area. At top level, that one is going to score 95% of the time. Think about the overarm, talk about making it easy on the 1!

The game is won across the penalty line. I see so many rush around with the ball like a bomb is ticking and resulting in low percentage passes into their 1. Treat that ball like gold and work on patterns as a team that will make higher percentage plays across the penalty line. Start tracking your possession to goal percentage. That’s the real stuff!

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