I’ve been a #3 my whole career (23 years). I’ve felt the frustration of being scored on like the guy being posterized by a dunk. 3’s get the brunt of the pain. Not only do they get scored upon, but when your 1 misses 4 goals in a row, guess who has to go back the other way and protect the goal?! That prima donna 1 you’re competing against is going to score 90% of the times at upper levels. Just accept that! I’ve seen a 1 score and a 3 abuse their horse all the way back to the line up in frustration.

Take my advice and reframe your thinking. You are now first and foremost an offensive 3. Think if defense as a necessary evil after you’ve allowed your opponent to get the ball. Win that next line up. It’s your job to get it out the back. If their 1 snaps it out of the line up and they score, that’s not your fault!

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