In the game of Polocrosse, this player never gets the accolades. On a Google search to find a picture of a #2, they are no where to be found. When you talk about Polocrosse legends, you’re either talking about a really top #1 or #3. When watching films of Polocrosse, the #2 is always out of the screen doing the dirty work.

All that said, I think it’s time to acknowledge this position. I guarantee that in the competition to make a squad, if you focused on being the best #2, you’ll always make the team. #1‘s are a dime a dozen and those with the top horses will usually be playing out the back as #3‘s. Don’t just be some full time player marker, get good in the line outs and think offense first. Be the quickest to the ball on defense and frustrate the heck out of the other team wish your quickness to switch roles as possession changes.

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